Friday, March 2, 2012


So time has passed since i last blogged.
Turns out cats grow in time... Franklin is now a giant, not even kidding.
He is a simultaneously naughty and lazy cat!
Franks days are spent as follows:
  • 6am - BREFFAST TIME!!! And it HAS to be on the dot else Mr Frankalin gets very demanding...
  • 6:15 - 11am - either on a small adventure in the bush across the road OR back to bed for a morning nap.
  • 11am-1pm - LUNCH TIME I.E lurking around in the hopes that I will feed his already full gut. Failing this a few cookies are munched on.
  • 1pm-6pm - Adventures are had! Usually in the scrub across the road where he feels the need to make friends with ticks...
  • 6pm - DINNER TIME!
  • 6:15pm-10pm - Alone time. He will laze around on the drive way or in the gutter; sometimes lurking around in the grass across the road, and watch the cars go by, the birds singing, ignoring the calls of myself trying to find him.
  • Approx 10pm - BED TIME!
Le Sigh. Such is the life of Franklin, its hard but somehow he manages it.

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