Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frank Wins

Frank VS New Toy

Frank Wins


The Aloha House Christmas Party

Frank had an exciting time on his first real day in the aloha residence.
First we chilled on the lounge :p

Then the Frankinator decided to nap before his big debut.

But he just couldn't decide which sleeping position he liked best!

After his nap Frankster showed everyone his eight-pack, it was pretty impressive.

It became very tiring and Frankie needed another nap

When Frankay woke up, he got ready to party

But that was just too exhausting

After another quick nap Frank went outside for the first time! It was a very exciting experience.
 He became a jungle cat lurking in the bushes!

super wild!

He had heaps of fun rolling around in the wrapping paper and grass!

After all this fun it was photo time!

All this posing can really wear a little cat out!
Frank just couldn't keep himself awake!

In the end though Frank was able to wake himself up for some family photos.

All in all, Frank had a huge day which he spent most of sleeping!
We all had much fun and Frank has now been inducted into the house of Aloha.
Frank = <3

- N

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Coming of Frank

We got Frank from my cousin in Wollongong.
He came from a lovely mother, father unknown, who we believe has ragdoll in her.
All of the kittens had beautful markings! We were originally going to get one of the girls with spots! She was so pretty, but Frank just had the Frank appeal.
The car ride home was long, but we drove in the cool of the night so little Frankie slept for most of the 2.5 hours journey with minimal meowing.
Once home Frankie got to exploring and galavanting all over the house.
When bedtime came we slept on the couch, after he had had a big drink from my glass of water... Frankie slept on the top of the lounge at first looking out the window, but by morning i found him curled up in my arms.
6am is when Frank woke up... He thought it would be fun to play with everything at this time... I dont like kittens at 6am.
Today is the Aloha Christmas party so we shall see how things go.
Frank is napping before the party gets started!


So this is a blog on the new addition to our Aloha house, Frankie the cat.
He is approximately 9 weeks old, with his given birthday being the 12th of October 2010.
Through this blog we will record his cute little (and hopefully prolonged) life! See his adventures and mishaps and watch as he grows into a super ninja kitteh!
over and out