Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Update

It has been quite some time since the Frank Report has been updated. A lot has happened in this time:

Frank has grown A LOT! He is going to be a very large pussy cat.
He now weighs 2.5Kgs at only 5 months!
He is still a big cutey, especially in the mornings. Every morning I get Frankie kisses and cuddles, not so ideal when you're trying to sleep.
He has had his first major visit to the Vet where he had his manhood removed and two of his baby teeth, as well as a microchip inserted. Now he is a 'fully legit' little kitty. He recovered extraordinarily well, crash tackling the dog as soon as he got home, and he was a real little darling for the Vet staff.
He has a new best friend! Oki, the dog.
They play lots and give each other kisses. Its a little bit cute.
In the 5 months that Franklin has been alive he has learnt and developed many things. I suppose one of the main things he has learnt is where water comes from... the tap. Frank is now obsesssed with it, to the point of creepy. Every morning he will ascend the sink to play and drink from the running water, every night he will go and paw around in the shower after someone has been in it and lastly whether water has been in it or not Frank LOVES the bath tub! He gets in it and sits there staring at you or will roll around chasing his tail (yeah he still hasn't realised it's actually attached to him...). The main thing that Frank has developed would be a really creepy foot fetish... yeah... He loves feet. As soon as the shoes come off he will go and sniff the shoes and roll in the and sleep on them, he also enjoys sniffing and biting toes. Admittedly he's a little bit odd... Then again, I'm the one with a blog about my cat, pot calling the kettle black?
Anyway, today Frank isn't of the best of healthy, he has a rumbly tummy and keep vomiting. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow :(
Muchos Love Hombre`s

Frank and his water discovery.

They call him Foot Fetish Frank.

Franks New bestie, Oki!

He's such a creep...

It's a tough life.

I get spooned every morning...

He's getting bigger...

But i think he will always be a little bit adorable.


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  1. So cuuuute :D :D I hope he's not sick for long TT___TT