Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Coming of Frank

We got Frank from my cousin in Wollongong.
He came from a lovely mother, father unknown, who we believe has ragdoll in her.
All of the kittens had beautful markings! We were originally going to get one of the girls with spots! She was so pretty, but Frank just had the Frank appeal.
The car ride home was long, but we drove in the cool of the night so little Frankie slept for most of the 2.5 hours journey with minimal meowing.
Once home Frankie got to exploring and galavanting all over the house.
When bedtime came we slept on the couch, after he had had a big drink from my glass of water... Frankie slept on the top of the lounge at first looking out the window, but by morning i found him curled up in my arms.
6am is when Frank woke up... He thought it would be fun to play with everything at this time... I dont like kittens at 6am.
Today is the Aloha Christmas party so we shall see how things go.
Frank is napping before the party gets started!

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